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Celebrating a Universe of Jewels

At the dawn of the 21st century, as technology brings the most remote corners of the world together, we live in an age of clashing and melding cultures. Cultures do not come together without friction and conflict, but we all share fundamental experiences — we are all born, grow and learn — and sometimes, we all celebrate. Ratana brings dance from around the world to challenge and grow together and to honor you, the audience, that has come to share in our celebration and support our work. With the first person to bang on a hollow log and the first person to move to that rhythm, humans joined an eternal dance. Since then, we have embraced and imbued dance with meaning, taking it beyond the rhythms of nature and creating personal expression. Ratana embraces these thousands of years of dance, from a myriad of cultures, in our expression of joy and celebration.

Each of us is a unique and precious individual — a jewel. Ratana recognizes that we live in a universe of jewels, and celebrates all of you.